Evaporative pads: a natural exchange of air

Pomodori in una serra con umidificazione pannelli evaportivi

With evaporative pads you can cool the environment while ensuring the necessary degree of humidification. The air treatment system comprises fans and pads and uses, in an absolutely natural manner, the exchange of energy between air and water. Operation is simple: the surface of the pad is wetted, in a uniform manner, by special pumps. The water gradually permeates the pad and, as hot air flows through, evaporates. In this way, the air that circulates in the farm building, greenhouse or industrial premises is cooled and humidified.

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Functionality and care for the environment

The structure of the evaporative pads, which is rigid, compact and self-supporting, guarantees excellent mechanical strength. These products remain unaltered over time while maintaining the same capacity to meet expectations. Made of Kraft paper with pure cellulose and non-toxic resins, the Star Cool products are also characterised by a high absorbent power and exceptional cooling and humidification efficiency. The cellulose fibre in the structure is environmentally friendly and contains antibacterial and biocide agents that play an active role in the disinfection of air and are able to prevent the formation of algae, fungi and bacteria. These pads also stand out for their high resistance to UV rays and comply with current legislation providing a real guarantee for the health of workers and farm animals.

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Areas of application

Evaporative pads can be used in many different fields. The use of these systems improves life in farm buildings where tunnel ventilation, together with the pads, reduces stress for animals and avoids loss of production when the temperature and humidity are high. But this application is certainly not the only one. Greenhouses require constant control of temperature and humidity: while it is true that condensation is detrimental to cultivation, it is equally true that plants need the right degree of humidification. Lastly, the industrial sector uses evaporative pads to cool chillers but also in heat exchangers and other work environments to create the necessary climatic conditions.

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The pads are designed to be integrated in air circulation systems and can be automated: a good choice of ventilation system allows for precise environmental control and pays off with the best performance of animals and animal products. In-depth scientific research has proven that quality modern devices and proper management of these can help to effectively achieve objectives. It is important, however, to choose an appropriate type of fan and to dimension the fans accordingly. The volume in cubic metres that the fan moves per hour determines the airflow capacity and this changes according to the static pressure: as the pressure increases, the volume of air the fan moves decreases. In the case of ventilation with evaporative pads, the air enters the farm building only after passing through the pads which, thanks to their specific configuration and method of operation, restore the moisture that the fans take out of the environment. Gigola & Riccardi has established itself as a leading company in the field of air treatment with the development of innovative products. This internationally recognised company provides certified products entirely Made in Italy as well as advice and support services.

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