Cooling pad

High absorbency and mechanical resistance

Pannello cooling con alta resistenza meccanica

The cooling pad can create the environmental conditions for effective management of the premises, especially in regions with a warm, dry climate. Gigola & Riccardi provides pads of high absorbency made with special “Kraft paper” based on cellulose. The resins used for the manufacture of these technological devices are innovative products recently adopted to guarantee better wear resistance, greater protection against UV rays and a safer environment. Many tests have been carried out to prove the unique qualities of these devices for protection of the environment against algae and bacteria. They are also easy to replace and their operating costs are minimal. The product has a low environmental impact and, being recyclable, represents a green solution.

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Cooling with pads

The system is based on the concept of evaporation whereby water lowers the temperature as it evaporates. These pads are generally installed on the wall opposite the extractors and are wetted by water supplied from a tank. When the extractor is in operation, the air enters the cooling pad to cool and humidify the environment, whether in a greenhouse or in a farm or industrial building. The water delivered by the sleeve evaporates, in part, when the air passes through the pad. Another part returns to the pumps through a set of ducts. The folds of the cellulose paper are crucial in ensuring adequate cooling and the waves vary with each sheet to allow for excellent evaporation and a lower pressure drop. It is also worth remembering that these pads require minimal management, far less so than nebulisers with nozzles.

raffrescamento con i pannelli cooling
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pannello cooling raffrescante ed oscurante

Types of pads

The Cooling & Darkening evaporative pads are 16% more efficient than conventional products, thanks to the new shape of the waves that make them unique. This type of cooling pad also permits total darkening. The structure of the system guarantees an important benefit: the single device incorporates two functions (cooling and darkening) normally associated with two separate models. A Cooling & Darkening pad serving a dual purpose, therefore, represents a considerably cheaper alternative to the purchase of two different pads (for cooling and darkening). The size, too, never poses a problem: it is possible to order pads of any size to meet any requirement. The standard sizes are 600 mm wide and 150 mm thick, while the height varies from 1000 to 2000 mm. The cooling pads (70/90) are also available in heights of 1000, 1500, 1800 and 2000 mm. A special cover treatment with a specific black glue that increases its strength can be applied on request. In this way, it is easy to perform maintenance on the Cooling pad: it is possible, in fact, to clean using a brush without causing damage to the surface.

No less important are the ducts made of extruded aluminium alloy between 100 to 200 mm in thickness. Convenient caps and special joints are sealed with silicone without the need for screws or other fasteners.

Cooling Pads