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The fans for poultry farming allow for the proper control of poultry production by ensuring an adequate temperature. In the case of chickens destined for slaughter and laying hens, production is directly influenced by the possibility of controlled temperatures. The fans meet this requirement which can vary, during the entire production cycle, according to the weight of the animals. Keeping the temperature constant, providing clean air and removing harmful gases are the main objectives of the fans which represent the most significant systems for ensuring the optimisation of production.

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The growth and health of animals with adequate ventilation

Each stage of development of chickens requires the right temperature to ensure that the feed they eat can determine their growth and, therefore, a good profit for the farmer. It is known that thermal variation, however slight, can cause part of the feed to be expended as energy to maintain an ideal temperature, to the detriment of that required for growth. While the chicks need heat, it is however also true that when animals are unable to dispose of excessive heat, they are at greater risk of respiratory diseases and necrosis because the litter is too damp. Controlling the temperature by means of fans for poultry farming maximises productivity even when outdoor temperatures are very high. In addition, forced ventilation removes harmful gases by eliminating ammonia, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, which can adversely affect growth.

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The features and performance of fans for poultry farming

The extractors are generally installed on the end wall and often with evaporative pads that increase the cooling power. Ventilation in the barns mainly occurs at negative pressure, whereby stale air is dispelled outside. This creates a vacuum that allows for the intake of clean air and full control of environmental conditions. When the chicks are small or the weather is cold, the fans for poultry farming offer the benefit of minimum ventilation controlled by a timer. The next step is transition ventilation which uses temperature sensors and cuts in when minimum ventilation is not sufficient to lower the heat. The third configuration, tunnel ventilation, is ideal when there are high temperatures, and performs cooling at high speed in a matter of seconds.

Experience and research: the fans by Gigola & Riccardi

The fans by Gigola & Riccardi are ideal in all weather conditions. Based on years of experience and research, these are characterised by a resistance to harmful and corrosive substances and by high performance. These latest generation products protect against failures and malfunctions that cause humidity stagnation and ammonia, harmful to livestock. The extractor fans, which can be found in the catalogue, are equipped with stainless steel blades that guarantee a long life and have a patented centrifugal opening system thanks to which no other electronic devices are required. The fans are easy to clean and can be equipped with a Venturi nozzle (that can be customised in terms of colour) and an X-shaped supporting structure for added strength. The double bearing allows for excellent balance and the metal side pads protect against dust and light. Available in various sizes and with impellers between 26 and 69 inches in diameter, they ensure a high flow rate even in barns where there is high pressure (30-60 Pa).

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