The birth of “GigoLAB”

Nuovo laboratorio Gigola

The real estate expansion project started by Giogola e Riccardi S.p.A. has now been terminated. The project involved the enlargement of our headquarter in Cazzago San Martino – BS (Italy) with 1.500 sqm of new covered space, and a new switchyard.

Our new building includes a new office, the new headquarter, a space of approx. 1.100 sqm for production and warehousing of goods, and a space of approx. 400 sqm for the new laboratory for research and development of new products.

“GigoLAB is an innovative laboratory for studying and developing axial fans equipped with a modern testing bench built in compliance with ISO 5801 and AMCA 210 rules” says Eng. Enzo Rossi, Technical Manager. “The lab also includes a testing bench for evaporative pads cooling efficiency and pressure drop tests aside from an ageing chamber to test resistance to sunrays and rainfall”.

The testing bench for fans allows testing with a capacity up to 80.000 m3/h to at a maximum pressure of 1.000 Pa, it’s equipped with an advanced sensor system and an automatic acquisition system.

“We are firmly convinced that the launch of GigoLAB is an important step forward in the development path of our company, since it is the necessary underlayer to improve Gigola & Riccardi products in terms of performance, efficiency and resistance and to make them compliat with tomorrow’s market demand”, concludes Managing Director Mr. Pietro Seccamani Mazzoli.

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