new fan “Typhoon 150”

Typhoon Cone Fan

Gigola e Riccardi S.p.A., leader in the production of fans, cooling pads and accessories for cooling and ventilation is proud to announce the launch of the new fan named “Typhoon 150” – 55 inches, featured with high performance in terms of air capacity and energy efficiency and with the quality that has always characterized our products.

“We have conceived, prototyped and launched a new fan named Typhoon 150 to reply to the growing demand for this type of fans” says Managing Director Pietro Seccamani Mazzoli. It’s a growing need for higher capacities and better energy efficiency that drives the modern demand. There’s an increasing need for fans that can operate in facilities with a bigger average size, compared to the past”.

“Therefore we have put the focus to supply the market with a product that grants a significant increase both in terms of energy efficiency and in terms of capacity. The result is the new born fan joining Gigola e Riccardi’s portfolio, featured with a positive performance variation (in comparison to a classic fan of the same size): 43% in energy efficiency and 10% in airflow, according to the test nr 17563 by BESS Lab, Illinois, U.S.A., that certified the final test. The fan is compliant to Erp regulation (UE 327/2011) in terms of Ecodesign” says Enzo Rossi, Technical Director.

“It’s an answer to a market trend, that today is looking for efficient and big fans. The product is addressed to the American market, to the Asian and European one. Modern livestock tunnels have bigger dimensions compared to the past and so, fans for air extraction have to work in higher negative pressures” says Alessandro Riccardi, Commercial Director.

Our new fan is having a great success in the nations where energy cost is very high. The investment is payed back very quickly and leads to a significant saving over the product’s lifetime.

The fan is equipped with the following new components:

– The new butterfly shutter keeps dust, dirt, and moisture off the fan.

– The new springs and magnets set avoid undesired openings when the motor is off, due to pressure variations (e.g. for the action of other running fans in the same building).

– The new gaskets provided with the fan avoid undesired noises in the closing procedure, so that they will not disturb animals.

Gigola e Riccardi is at your disposal to illustrate how it is currently possible to save money with our new Typhoon 150. For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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